What is Chair Massage and Who Needs It?

Corporate Chair Massage is an industry that has continued to grow over the past decade and is continuing to take the modern workforce by storm. Forbes magazine listed 17 companies that offer their valuable employees massage and this list is nowhere comprehensive.

Thousands of corporations throughout the country are rewarding their dedicated staff by offering them the benefit of in-office chair massage and are receiving an impressive return on investment. How are the employees responding? With an appreciative AHHHhhh!

Corporate chair massage is a valuable benefit offered by companies to their hard-working staff. The benefits are twofold; The employees enjoy a brief period to relax and rejuvenate, and the employers get the benefits of increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased retention, and much more. 

What is a Chair Massage

A chair massage is a method of massage therapy that is performed on a special chair designed to be easily transported on-site. When receiving a massage session, the participant is fully clothed. This makes for a quick, easy and seamless transition from their current activity, to their restful respite, and back.

Places to Get Chair Massage

Opportunities to provide and receive onsite chair massage are as broad as your imagination can allow. Below are some ideas on where you can provide or find this amazing perk.

Chair Massage at the Office

According to a September 2019 article published by The American Institute of stress titled “42 Worrying Workplace Stress Statistics” 

  • 83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress.
  • US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of workplace stress.
  • Stress causes around one million workers to miss work every day.
  • Only 43% of US employees think their employers care about their work-life balance.
  • Depression leads to $51 billion in costs due to absenteeism and $26 billion in treatment costs.
  • Work-related stress causes 120,000 deaths and results in $190 billion in healthcare costs yearly.

Corporate chair massage at the workplace can be the answer to many occupational stressors including chronic neck pain; hand injuries; workplace anger and anxiety; and unplanned absenteeism. 

Chair Massage at School

Massage in the school system can provide a tremendous benefit for both teachers and students. 

According to edweek.org, teens ages  12-17  who reported symptoms relating to a major depressive episode rose from 8.7 percent to 13.2 percent from 2005-2017. College-age adults ages 18-25 showed similar trends.

Providing a sign-up for 8-10 minute chair massage during mid-term and finals week, as well as during times of standardized tests can help enhance the student’s mental clarity, reduce anxiety and provide a brief escape from the pressures of the week.

A 2018 Gallup research study showed that “almost half of all teachers (48%) in the U.S. say they are actively looking for a different job now or watching for opportunities. At the beginning of the 2017-18 school year, almost every U.S. state had shortages of teachers in major subject areas.”

Teachers are feeling more burdened today than ever before, and small gestures to show how appreciated they are for the tremendous contributions they make to society can go a LONG way! The gift of a monthly or quarterly 10 or 15-minute massage for the staff and faculty at your school or college can have a tremendous impact on overall productivity, and morale throughout the entire school. 

Chair Massage In the Hospital

The nurses who work so hard to take care of us, as well as our loved ones, are some of the most heavily multi-tasked individuals in today’s society. In a 2017 study published in the 2016 AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings Archive, it was found that on average, nurses had 124 communications and 208 hands-on tasks per 4-hour block of time.

Nurses must stick to their schedules, and there are often obstacles that get in the way. The strict schedule they must adhere to reminds me of this classic I Love Lucy sketch.

A day in the life of a nurse involves assessing patients, administration of medication, preparation of medication, retrieval of medications, interprofessional communication, reviewing of documents and charts, record transfers and photocopying, and handing off the shift to the next nurse.

A 10-15 minute break in their day to enjoy a chair massage would allow the mind to rest and rejuvenate, resulting in more clarity of thought when returning to work. Thereby, helping to reduce stress, promote mental health, and prevent a reduction in quality of nursing work life.

Chair Massage for Hotel Housekeeping Staff

The housekeeping staff works extra hard to make sure our time away from home is a pleasant and welcoming experience, and their goal is to do their best to exceed our expectations. They vacuum the floors, strip and remake beds, clean and sanitize the bathrooms, take out the trash, replenish the toiletries . . .  and some even make animals out of towels!

These diligent workers spend hours on their feet and deserve a short respite from their duties to enjoy a few minutes of blissful relaxation. I can tell you from experience, the most genuinely appreciative and respectful group of workers I have ever had on my massage chair have been hotel housekeeping staff. They express their gratitude in spades!

Chair Massage at a Wedding Reception

There is perhaps no other experience in life that has a larger to-do list than the litany of errands necessary to make a wedding come to fruition. The list of details seems to grow exponentially. The venue, the florist, the caterer, the designer, the guest list, the photographer . . . THE CALGON!

A chair massage at your special day can provide the bride, groom and wedding party 10 minutes of absolute bliss from what could have otherwise been an overwhelmingly hectic day. The knowledge that you can take a short breather from being the belle or beau of the ball, and leave the seemingly endless meet-and-greet of all your friends and family vying for your attention, can make all the difference in the world.

A chair massage therapist can also be a wonderful addition to the bridal and/or bachelor party.

Chair Massage for Tenants

As newer highrise buildings continue to infiltrate metropolitan areas, and building owners fight to have the best amenities. Renter’s expectations continue to rise. Many buildings offer dry cleaning, concierge services, gyms, swimming pools, and even dog parks.  Some landlords are getting wise to the value of offering their tenants monthly massage days, and provide on-site chair massage to their tenants when they arrive home after a busy day at the office.

Now, that’s what I call being welcomed home!

Chair Massage at a Convention

If you have ever been a spectator at a local convention, you know the joy in finding items to take home with you in your swag bag. I can’t tell you the number of promotional tee shirts, pens, water bottles and notepads I have laying around my apartment.

I can tell you, with 100% certainty, if you are a vendor and hire a couple of massage therapists for your event, you will be guaranteed to have a crowd at your booth. Oh, and while they are waiting . . . get them hooked with that elevator speech you prepared!

Chair Massage at a Party

Some of my favorite experiences giving chair massage have been at birthday parties, especially the ones where the massage was a surprise. Imagine sneaking in the massage therapist and hiding them in a room without letting the birthday boy or girl know. Then bring them into the room to have their moment of bliss.

Afterward, every participant at the party will proceed to get their massage. It only takes 10 or 15 minutes for each massage, so it’s not like they will have the chance to feel like they are missing out on any fun. In fact, they will probably wish the massage could go longer.

Added Bonus: Present the birthday boy/girl with a gift certificate for a 90-minute table massage so they can take advantage of the full experience at their convenience. Whoever is the giver of this AMAZING gift will gain popularity points BIG TIME.  Just sayin’. 😉

Chair Massage for Ladies Night In

OK ladies, it’s time to put on your PJs, prepare your Pinterest pot-luck; pop up some popcorn, and plan to party!  Make sure your spa night portion includes massages. For even more fun, make each massage treatment a couples massage so you can indulge in the blissful experience with one of your besties!

Chair Massage In a Retail Store / Automobile Sales

If you are the owner of a high-end retail shop or new car sales, you might want to consider having a massage therapist present to help show your customer appreciation when they seal the deal. Can you imagine how pleasantly surprised that customer will be, and how special they will feel if you show your appreciation for the sale by offering a  gratitude message?

This client will have received the highest level of customer service and appreciation, and will likely share their experience in a review and with their circle of friends. A win-win for all!

Chair Massage at a Concert / Theatre Load-In or Construction Site

The people who set up and break down theatrical shows, as well as construction workers work long hours, and often through the night. These hard-working women and men lift heavy loads and are often under tremendous time constraints. Having a massage therapist present for them when they are able to take a short break can help relieve potential aching backs, and help give them that extra burst of energy to finish the job!

How Much Does Chair Massage Cost

A corporate chair massage will generally cost between $60.00 to $125.00 per therapist hour. Rates depend on several factors: the desired location, company reliability and years of experience, the experience and level of training of the therapists, the frequency and duration, and if any add-on services have been requested such as aromatherapy or reflexology.  An event in New York City will likely cost more than an event in a smaller suburb.

There are often a variety of payment options that can be considered, depending on budget.’

  • Employer/Host Funded: The employer pays 100% of the service fees.
  • Host/Participant Split: The employer and employee decide on a percentage and share the cost.
  • Employee/Participant Funded: The employees pay for the service in full.

How to Find a Reputable Chair Massage Company 

The following are some questions to consider when evaluating a potential corporate / event massage vendor.

  1. How long has the vendor been in the industry?
  2. Are the therapists licensed and insured to work in your area?
  3. What is the track record of the company, do the therapists show up on time?
  4. Is the company local, or do they have a local management representative for in-person communication?
  5. What makes their company stand out above the rest?
  6. How much does it cost?

If you are in New York City or the surrounding boroughs, consider us at Compliment Your Body for your massage needs. 

Compliment Your Body has been providing in-home and corporate event massage to New York City and the surrounding boroughs for over 15 years. Each member of our team of therapists has over three years of experience and are insured and licensed to work in New York City.

We have a 95% success rate for therapists showing up to the job on-time, and providing best in class service. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance, and we always do our absolute best to make sure the client is completely satisfied.

Compliment Your Body is local to New York City and all of our therapists are hand-picked. We don’t hire over the phone, we meet our team on the field.

Compliment Your Body believes that care is a circle. We care for our team, our team cares for the participants, and we all care for the community!

For every single in-home or chair massage, Compliment donates three meals to a New Yorker in need through our relationship with Food Bank For New York City.

Commitment – Compassion – Connection – Charity

Experience the CYBNYC difference.

Richard A. Lehman, LMT, CSCS

Compliment Your Body, LLC
1441 Broadway #6087
New York, NY. 10018
(646) 868-8956


Richard A. Lehman, LMT, CSCS, owner and CEO of Compliment Your Body, LLC has over fifteen years of experience in the health and wellness field. During his career he has worked in a multitude of settings, including spas, chiropractic offices, and on the field at IronMan competitions. Richard was hired in 2005 with the United States Tennis Association as a Massage Therapist and provided therapy to the professional athletes at the US Open Tennis Championships from 2005 - 2010. Richard graduated in 2004 from The Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences. He is a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He also completed the Plant Based Nutrition course at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and is a Level 2 Nutrition Coach with Precision Nutrition. Compliment Your Body has been providing corporate / event massage therapy, and in-home massage therapy to New York City and the surrounding boroughs for over fifteen years, and has been the corporate massage provider to the New York Times throughout this time. Commitment, compassion, connection and charity are the pillars of our business. Experience the CYBNYC difference!

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