Fitness Finds

Skulpt Skanner is one of the best affordable body scanners on the market. This portable device can measure your overall body fat percentage with speed and accuracy. 

In addition, it can assess the strength in 24 muscle groups of the body. 

If you are looking for a reasonably priced body fat assessment tool to keep you accountable and on target, look no further.

The TRX ALL- IN-ONE Suspension Training: Body Weight System is the perfect addition to your workout gear. Not only does it provide a tremendous variety to your workout, but it is also extremely compact and portable. Anchor it to your door at home/hotel room, wrap it around a bar at the park or playground, or anchor it to a wall at your gym. TRX is sure to tone up that core, strengthen those arms and legs, and help challenge your balance. I cannot recommend this addition to your workout enough, TRX is AWESOME!

Kettlebells give your workout a TREMENDOUS bang for your buck. If your goals include burning fat, increasing your endurance, and getting strong – kettlebells are for you. Before using these AMAZING tools, it is extremely important to consult a trainer that is certified in kettlebell training. While perfectly safe if used properly, they can lead to injury if proper form and technique are not taken into consideration.

Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells are available in weights ranging from 5 – 50 pounds.

No home gym is complete without a good assortment of dumbells. Dumbells have been the standard tool for fitness enthusiasts for decades. SPRI Dumbells Delux Vinyl Coated Handweights come in weights ranging from 1 – 20 pounds. However, make sure you choose a pair that at least matches the weight of your grocery shopping bag in order to see results unless you are using them for rehab.

The BOSU Balance Trainer (aka Bosu ball) is a great addition to any home gym. This baby is awesome for core training, balance development, and can be used for strength training and stretching. If you want to take your workouts to the next level, try using this took during your next workout.

If working out with bands and tubes are your thing, this kit has everything you need to start out. This 23 piece resistance band set includes 5 stackable exercise bands with handles, 5 resistance loop bands, a jump rope, a figure 8 resistance band, hand grip strengthener . . . and even a headband and cooling towel, so you can do your best Jane Fonda!to

The DYNAPRO Exercise Ball can be used to enhance core strength and stability; as a tool for stretching, and while performing exercises to help improve your posture and strengthen the back muscles.

The Yes4All Slam Ball is a high-density medicine ball that comes in weights ranging from 10-40 pounds. This durable ball is perfect for those higher-intensity workouts to help increase strength, power, and cardio.  Perfect for woodchops, overhead throws, and Russian Twists.

The GRID® Foam Roller delivers a firm compression- like a sports massage that can be used to help repair muscles, and release fascial restrictions. Use this roller to help release muscle pain and tightness and improve overall mobility. Properly facilitated foam rolling is a recommended practice used by sports doctors, massage therapists, and physical therapists.

OMG – OMG, I am NOT kidding! I purchased this baby when I was living in NC for a while, and it KICKED MY PATOTTIE! If you are looking for an AWESOME cardio experience, consider adding this to your home gym. It doesn’t take as much space as it looks, and it will burn-baby-burn! The Bowflex Max Trainer combines the full-body low impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie-burning power of a stepper.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine Rower will be sure to take your home workout to the next level. remove the impact on the joints and burn those calories at the same time. This powerless rower relies on water to create a “smooth and steady rowing experience with every stroke.” 

The R2 Fitness Meter is designed to accurately track all essential workout metrics i.e. Total Time, 500 m Time, SPM, Total Strokes, Calories, HR, Ambient Temperature, and more. Most importantly . . .YOU CAN STORE IT UPRIGHT to save space!

If you are a runner of the treadmill sort, The SF-T7515 SMART TREADMILL with Auto Incline is just for you. This piece of equipment includes a large backlit LCD Monitor that will display: Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, Incline, and Heart Rate – and is equipped with 12 preset interval programs that manipulate time, speed and incline. Integrated speakers, microphone, Bluetooth and MP3 connectivity allows user to answer calls and listen to music. WARNING: Not to be used as a clothing rack! 🙂 

The Maxcare Magnetic Spin Bike is great for the indoor cyclist who is looking to take their rides inside. This bike provides a smooth and super quiet ride. A 4-Way adjustable seat & handlebar, large and airy padded seating, and steel toe-caged pedals designed w/ adjustable straps make for a comfortable ride. 

In addition, this bike comes complete with an LCD monitor to display time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse etc.