Do Massage Chairs Use a Lot of Electricity?

Do Massage Chairs Use a Lot of Electricity?

For most people buying a massage chair is usually a simple yet not necessarily quick decision. Maybe you test it out in the store for the first time, and you think you may want one for yourself. Perhaps you watched someone else getting a massage, and you imagined that future fantasy experience that you decided you wanted for yourself in the comfort of your own home.

The reasons vary, but typical reasons giving buyers pause are questions such as “What will this chair cost me longterm?”. It’s an interesting question. Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity? Despite being a large piece of machinery, even the most advanced massage chair models only use up to 200 watts, which is less than the average in-home appliance.

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A standard microwave, on average, uses over 2000 watts. That’s over ten times more energy than the most advanced massage chair models, with all of the settings set to maximum. So, if energy cost is the main reason for you reconsidering the idea of purchasing a massage chair, there is no need to pause for concern over this detail.

A massage chair is a far cry from the most energy-draining appliance in your home today, but what are some other concerns levied at the idea of owning your own massage chair? How do I know which massage chair is right for me? Can I afford it? How durable are these chairs? We’re here to help you to gain some clarity today so that you can be confident and secure when you make this exciting choice.

  1. How To Choose What Type Of Chair – Know Yourself First

Quality massage chairs come with an array of styles, systems, and brands all revolved around personal preferences. Not everyone wants a chair with one thousand buttons. Some want fewer bells-and-whistles, but still give them a big bang for their buck. Others want all the options on the table open to them. Knowing whether you prefer complexity vs. simplicity is a good starting point.

Some chairs provide shiatsu massage. Some chairs merely vibrate and kneed the surface of your skin. Most massage chairs on the market today have a purpose in mind baked into the specific design, making it best suited to handle individual needs in a specialized fashion. One chair may cradle the spine and put much more emphasis on the neck and upper back.

Another chair may have shapes that rotate and dig into the upper back and just under the shoulder blades—designed to focus on alleviating all of the excess tension in the back, shoulders, and neck. Whatever you’re looking for most. Keeping in mind where your body needs the most attention is something to keep in mind.

Looking for a chair where the focus of the design is placed on a particular type of massage best suited for your body is important. Know your preferences and know your body. That will be a perfect first stepping stone to make your decision on the type of chair.

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  1. Is This Massage Chair Too Expensive? – The Trade-offs

It’s no secret that buying a new massage chair can be an investment. The average price of a massage chair can vary, easily from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. Brand, features provided, total number of features, the design of the chair, and the cost of materials used to build this piece of machinery are all factors to take into consideration.

Premium high-end massage chairs can easily provide thoroughly rejuvenating experiences, with airbags that expand to hold your head upright. Premium lambskin leather, or synthetic fibers if you are vegan, can be necessary issues to consider. LED ambiance light displays, alongside quality music players that can pump out songs to set the ambiance for the experience of a lifetime, are also perks to take a look at. Chairs that offer these features can easily garner a $3,000 or $5,000 price tag.

Looking at these dollar signs can be a bit overwhelming, but the longterm quality of life improvements can make it a worthy investment. A massage chair can improve your daily mood. Lend you to having a better sleep every night. Improve digestion and simply enhance your overall well-being alongside the quality of life improvement. Many companies provide low to no interest payment plans to help ease the initial sticker shock.

A second option is buying online. Buying used from online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or even Facebook is a solid place to start if buying full price or in a store is simply not an option for you.

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  1. How Durable Are These Chairs?

All massage chairs have specialized components—metal gears, wiring, and the computer driver that keeps it all running. The durability of the chair will vary depending on the brand, model of chair, and quality of materials used. You want to know your purchase is built to last and will stand the test of time. Below are some solid tips for buying chairs that will be the most durable.

Look for chairs with simple designs that aren’t too unique. Stable systems that have stood the test of time will be a safe bet for the durability of the chair, and more boxed off flat surfaces are stronger bases in the event of children playing on the chair. So picking a time tested simple design is the first factor of durability.

The second factor is buying premium once again. The quality of the materials used will always lend itself to being a stronger product in every sense of the word. The peace of mind that comes with know you have the premium model can’t be overstated. Knowing you have a product that will hold up long term for your purposes can’t be beaten.


These simple tips for navigating your purchase options will assist you in choosing a chair that’s best for you. Focus on the benefits provided and how they will improve your overall quality of life—look for a premium product, whether it be used or new.  

As an additional last note. The company-provided warranties are one of the biggest motivating factors for customers to consider when buying a new massage chair from a big name company. Although it does come with a bigger price tag, you are provided with a second layer of protection to bolster peace of mind. A consideration worth mentioning if you’re still on the fence.

You may still decide to cut corners and forego the warranty or decide to buy used. However, researching the different types of warranties provided by the major companies is a great tool to have in your buyer’s arsenal before making your final decision. Many companies have a full price protection plan available, and many simply have a set dollar rebate amount just in case the chair breaks down within the warranty period.

Doing a quick cursory search on any chair model you are looking at getting is a good place to start. Most chairs on the market today have a one year, three years, and five year warranty period. Keeping all of this in mind might be all that you need to know to prove the comfort and confidence you need in going through with this life-changing purchase. 🙂

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