14 Fun Chair Massage Event Ideas

14 Fun Chair Massage Event Ideas

Planning a chair massage event can be excitinG. There are so many ideas and possibilities to explore, and the options are only as boundless as your imagination. The benefits that come from chair massage events will melt your guest’s stress away and leave them in a complete state of euphoria for the entirety of the event. 

What are 14 fun chair massage event ideas? Massage chair events are a great way to build camaraderie and relieve stress. Not only can you schedule a group of massage therapists to come play a part at any social event you plan, you can also schedule events focused entirely on chair massages. These events can range from trade shows to retreats.

  1. Trade Shows
  2. Conventions
  3. Expos
  4. Private Label Event
  5. Launch Event
  6. Promotional Event
  7. Corporate Event
  8. Health Fair
  9. Private Parties
  10. Golf/Sporting Events
  11. Retreats and Spa Events
  12. Marketing Event
  13. Baby Shower Event
  14. Special Occasion

You could quite literally include a massage chair package through a massage company for just about any event you throw. Most massage companies have pre-priced packages, but are often willing to discuss some options to bring to fruition whatever you have in mind for your specific event. There are so many ideas to choose from. We will provide a few ideas that might suit your need. These are some sample ideas to help inspire.

Chair Massage Event Ideas

Deciding on a chair massage event can be difficult. The deciding factor really depends on what kind of atmosphere you want to have for your event, and the clientelle the massage therapists will be massaging. If it is a more businesslike atmosphere, and the people getting the massages are businessmen and women, then setting up a corporate event would be your best bet.

If you want to market a product you are selling, you could either choose between a marketing event or a private label event. If sticking to the traditional options is not your style, you can switch it up and plan your own health fair combined with a spa-type retreat. It is really all up to you. One of these options may even spark an entirely different idea that is completely unique. I have even seen chair massage offered on a yacht!  Be as creative as your mind will allow. A chair massage can enhance the ambiance and overall vibe of any setting!

1. Trade Shows

Trade shows are meant for fellow companies in complementary industries to come together and share their products. This could be to assess market trends, find new partnerships with another company, or to even study the competition. Trade shows are often used for up and coming companies to learn how the market runs and for the employees of those companies to learn and understand the role they play in the greater scheme of things.

Setting up a chair massage event to take place at a trade show could be extremely beneficial. Not only will it help the employees to relax by reducing tension and over-excitement, but it can also help to lower tensions between rival companies. 

2. Conventions

A convention is a gathering of people who share similar interests. Conventions can be for literally anything (boat lovers, car lovers, comic-book lovers, techies, and foodies). They do not necessarily have to be for a single company. Someone can put on an event for people that are all the same gender and age and call it a convention. 

Conventions are a good place to have a chair massage event, especially if the attendees are in need of a good relaxing massage (and who doesn’t?). For example, work-from-home moms and construction workers would be prime candidates for a good massage event. Organizing a convention for anyone that works a specific industry can boost morale.

3. Expositions

Expositions are events that are meant to share ideas, innovations, promoting progress, and pairing partnerships. They are global events, meant for companies and innovators from all over the world to connect in one location. These events are the types of events you might be most likely to find chair massage taking place. They work great as promotional tools and can usually fit in at just about any expo event.

Chair massage offered at an expo can be a good opportunity to promote whatever brand you would like to attract an audience to. Often at expositions, there will be a lecture on a particular topic. These lectures usually require payment, oftentimes through promotions. By providing chair massage to help promote the presentation, you will likely attract a larger crowd.

4. Private Label Event

A private label event is a massage event were the massage therapists wear a companies uniform to promote the brand. These are the exclusive events that are generally invite-only. 

These events are a good way to expand a companies brand name and promote its corporate identity. The people that are invited will ultimately be the ones that will spread the good word about the brand. So, by giving the attendees a chance to relax and enjoy a chair massage could work well to boost clientele, and word-of-mouth.

5. Launch Event

A launch event is when a company is celebrating the launch of a new line or product. These events are usually buzzing with excitement and activity. The pressure of releasing a new line or product will have likely weigh down every one of your employees’ shoulders. The ultimate launch of the product will help lift that weight, but the employees, and many of the guests, will still have tight muscles and knots from stress and long work nights. Cue chair massage!

A chair massage event is perfect for an event like this because it gives employees a chance to relax and unwind after weeks of working hard to get the product ready for launch. It is a chance for the company to show their appreciation toward the hard work and dedication of the team, while also working to bring them closer and build morale. Massage therapists have a way of easing all tension of both mind and body. 

6. Promotional Event

Promotional events are events that are meant to promote li company. An example of what one of these events might look like is if you have an organic farming business and you decide to throw a festival to sell your products and raise awareness of the importance of the food you eat and the environment. You are providing a service, selling a good, and spreading the word of the importance of harvesting crops in an ethical and sustainable manner. This is all a way to promote your business. But your mission may not be all you need to attract a crowd.

One way to get the public to come around for your cause is by giving them a chair massage. Not only would they have a chance to buy delicious organic products and learn about your business, but they would get a nice massage to boot. Unfortunately, most people do not attend events out of the kindness of their hearts. So, giving them some kind of incentive to come and join your cause could be all you need to draw a crowd. And nobody can say no to a good back massage.

7. Corporate Event

A corporate event is generally thrown for a corporations valued employees. It is a chance for everyone to catch up on the productivity of the various departments within the business, as well as build camaraderie between one another. Corporate events are much like the other options that have been mentioned thus far, but their main focus is on the employees. So, there is no need to sell, promote, or market anything. This type of event is simply to say thank you to your employees for working so hard to make the company shine.

Offering chair massage at a corporate event is the perfect opportunity to show the employees how valued they are and give them a moment to relax and unwind. The idea behind getting a massage is to loosen the muscles and knots that you may have gotten over time, and provide a respite from life’s stressors. The sentiment behind wanting to provide chair massage to employees is to show them that they are valued and to enhance office productivity.

8. Health Fair

Health fairs are all about mental, physical, and emotional health. Massages can play a very large part in all three of these fields. The most obvious benefit of massage physical and mental. Massages get rid of pain and aches that are buried deep within the tissues and muscles, and help increase the stress-releasing hormones by easing the mind. Offering chair massage at a health fair will help ensure everyone is happy and healthy.

With the use of chair massaging at an event like this the attendees will have a chance to see how much a massage can help provide a sense of balance and help to loosen their overworked and tense muscles.

9. Private Parties

Private parties are generally exclusive to invite-only guests. These types of parties can range anywhere from a backyard cookout to an exclusive fundraising event at a hall. The only reason they are called “private” parties is that the people that come were invited personally.

Chair massage offered at a party can make the guests feel favored and it will provide a memorable experience. Afterall, anyone would be grateful for the opportunity to get a good back rub, right?

Providing chair massage event at your backyard cookout would be fun, and I am sure the guests would love it. A chair massage event at a late evening dinner or fundraiser would work as well. You could even use the chair massages to help raise money for a valued charity or worthy cause at a fundraiser.

10. Golf Event

Golf is a very calm and serene sport. On a good day, the breeze is light, and the air is calm, the sun is warm and bright, and the players are good spirited and happy. A golf event can be used for anything from fundraisers to morale boosters, and they usually work great. These golf events generally take place at some type of sports club, usually a golf club, and they tend to be quite posh. So, including a chair massage to the spectators, as well as the players would work out perfectly.

Having a chair massage event at a golf event could be very beneficial to the golfer’s form and technique. With the stress of work and home, as well as the strain the actual sport puts on the body, a chair massage event would work as a sort of cool-down period after a long day of golfing. As it was mentioned before, chair massage events are great tools for promoting anything.

11. Retreats and Spa Events

The point of most retreats is to relax and unwind. Often retreats provide the opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation. They are designed as a type of vacation that generally lasts a week or two, giving the guests that attend some time to escape the chaos of daily living. Retreats and massages fit together like cake and ice cream; they just go together. A massage has a way of easing all the tension in both mind, and body.

By having a chair massage event at a retreat, you ensure there is a wholesome way to help the visitors relax completely. Chair massages work by not only easing the muscles in the body, but the massage therapists can also incorporate aromatherapies to help enhance calm. The chair massage offering can be just for guests, or extended to staff, as well. Often these retreats are used for weddings and bachelorette parties, which are also great settings for chair massage. After all, is there such a thing as a stress-free bride? 

12. Marketing Event

Marketing any type of service or product can be tough, and oftentimes expensive. This is separate from a promoting event because a marketing event would be thrown first. When you are throwing an event such as this, your main goal is to spread a company’s name and brand. The purpose of a promoting event is to spread the word of your product after people already know your name. The difference seems slight, but the impact is quite large.

Adding chair massage to a marketing event will be a helpful tool to soften up the clientele toward whatever it is you need to market. People tend to be more skeptical of those that are new in the industry. A chair massage will be the perfect way to show that you have initiative, creativity, and drive which will better your chances of helping to spread the business name. It might be something they have never seen before and could help your chances more because of this unique offer.

13. Baby Shower Event

One of the most stressful journeys’ in life is motherhood and the process of carrying the child throughout the process of giving birth. Mommy-to-be might put on a brave face and is truly excited. However, the stress of carrying a child for nine months is a huge endeavor. A baby shower is usually filled with lots of small candies and fun games. Not only is the party hectic, but the days leading up to it can be just as exciting. Including a chair massage for the attendees could be the cherry on top of a beautiful night.

Let’s face it, a chair massage at a baby shower is a gift for the mom-to-be. But that does not mean all of the other guests won’t get an opportunity to partake. Most of the people attending a baby shower are moms themselves already, so they are very much aware of the benefits of a few minutes in a massage chair. 

It is important to note that the massage therapist that performs the massages should be properly licensed, as well as properly trained in the protocol used when massaging a pregnant woman. If they are not properly trained, they can cause serious injury or even induce labor early. 

14. Special Occasion

There is nothing better than a nice thorough massage after a long stressful year. Christmas and Thanksgiving are already taxing times of the year. They require much more money, much more time, and much more energy. These months are filled with celebration, so why not extend the celebratory spirit with a chair massage event?

Including a chair massage at a holiday gathering could be exactly what everyone needs after a long and hectic year. There is no doubt that the idea would be a hit and you might end up being everyone’s favorite person when the New Years Eve ball drops. A chair massage event at a holiday gathering may not sound typical or ordinary, but it is practical, and it is a wonder why more people aren’t doing it!

Other wonderful opportunities to provide chair massage are Nurse Appreciation Week, Teachers Appreciation Week, Hospitality Week, Surprise Birthday Parties, Theatrical Events/Backstage Crews . . . there are literally HUNDREDS of opportunities to offer this AWESOME experience!

How Do Chair Massage Events Help?

A chair massage event can have many more benefits than just improving moral in a business and people’s mental and emotional health. Massages have been shown to have many benefits on the client’s physical health as well. For example, one of the most common benefits of a massage is the relief from headaches and muscle pain. Many headaches are caused by tension in the shoulders, neck, and back. By getting a chair massage, you would be loosening those muscles that cause these chronic headaches to occur.

In addition, massage has been shown to help lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and help improve blood and lymphatic flow. Massage can also help improve sleep, decrease stress, and lower anxiety.


The benefits of a chair massage event are endless, as are the settings. From baby showers to corporate events, merging chair massage with your event has a multitude of benefits. For starters, chair massage events are great business tools for promotion and marketing, and can bring your employees closer together, creating a more friendly and easygoing environment at the workplace.

Not only will chair massage improve the envir butonment at your business, it will also encourage your employees to work harder to produce the best results. When employees feel appreciated it is easily seen in their work. The same can be said for friends and family. By throwing a chair massage event at a baby shower, or a special occasion would be the perfect way to show your friends and family just how much you love and appreciate them.

Probably the most important benefits of chair massage events are the health benefits. From improved blood flow to a boosted immune system, it is easy to see the many advantages of throwing one of these events. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing those your love and care about in good spirits, good health, and feeling appreciated.

Richard A. Lehman, LMT, CSCS


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